ALBUM: Audio Push – Somethin 2 Hold You



Audio Push is back with another EP to round out 2018.

Audio Push are back in the mix with the follow-up to Melange, their last EP in a similar bite-size package. On Somethin 2 Hold You, Oktane and Pricetag dispel the Babylonian tendencies of their rap peers, in leading by example. On “Homage,” they ask to be repaid for their steadfastness, with respect; the fruits of their labor come second. The EP’s speaks to a willingness to keep their core fans sated while they put the final touches on another full-length project.


Something 2 Hold You runs for 18 minutes. as both Push members exert a quickened lyrical pace, after starting off at midtempo. On “DropHead” they tease midtempo variance before calling things off. They seem unwilling to delve into a resolvent stance for more than a few seconds at a time.

Push close the EP with their trademark battle-rap disposition. “Fully Loaded Cypher” is the XXL Freshman that never was. Oktane delineates a desired “grownup” audience for their music, bereft of social constructions. Pure rap bliss is on tap.

Somethin 2 Hold You

1. Right Or Wrong
2. Struggle
3. Homage
4. The Wind
5. DropHead
6. Fully Loaded Cypher

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