H.E.R.- Let’s Get Away

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H.E.R.’s way of giving back to the originators sees her take the obvious route with respect to Aretha Franklin’s recent passing. “Let’s Get Away” is essentially a cover of “Daydreaming” except H.E.R. seems to be more discrete about her supply run. While Aretha may have only been drifting into her own thoughts of life outside the misshapen box, H.E.R. shows a willingness to venture far and away if the weather permits, so long as it’s “just you and me,” she pleads.


With the tradition of open subject life upheld for another century mark, it’s not hard to get lost in the scenario yourself. “Kissing underwater under the islands of Fiji,” it doesn’t sound half bad does it now? H.E.R. is open to the possibility of a remote location, where signal strength is anything but secure.

After hours of badgering my colleagues with slightly obscene language, it’s quite refreshing to be put in a different state of mind. I do hope they forgive me, for I am lost, through no fault of the lovely H.E.R. or Aretha Franklin.

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