KXNG CROOKED & Family Bvsiness –  Triangle Offens

Triangle Offense
KXNG Crooked & the group formerly known as Horseshoe Gang put their spin on Tyga’s summer anthem

Earlier this year, KXNG Crooked pretty much confirmed that a new Slaughterhouse project wouldn’t see the light of day after he announced his departure from the group. His reason behind leaving the supergroup was simply due to the fact that they weren’t as active and there wasn’t much going on with them because everyone was focused on their solo stuff (or retired in Joe Budden’s case). He later announced that he’d be joining forces with Horseshoe Gang to form his new group Family Bvsiness. Today, they come through with their new track “Triangle Offense.”


KXNG Crooked and Family Bvsiness have reOBWMturned with a remix to Tyga’s summer anthem, “Taste.” The crew takes on the bouncy production of Tyga’s song while flexing their lyrical dexterity. It’s an excellent remix as Family Bvsiness brings a different vibe to the platinum-selling single.

DOWNLOAD:KXNG CROOKED & Family Bvsiness – Triangle Offens

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