Machine Gun Kelly:Rap Devil (Eminem Diss)


“When your idols become your rivals.”


We knew it was only a matter of time before people started responding to Eminem’s disses through their own records. Michael Rapaport, in particular, was unimpressed about the lack of responsesdirected at the self-proclaimed “Rap God” for mentioning their names on his new Kamikaze album. While a few days had gone by without any action on wax, Machine Gun Kelly put down the champagne bottle to hop in the studio and start the festivities, going in on Eminem in his latest record, “Rap Devil.”The name is obviously influenced by Em’s memorable “Rap God” track but a few bars in, you can tell that MGK is directing his energy at one man only, his former idol Eminem. Without any notice, Kells came through with some scorching fire, bringing back some lines about the man’s daughter Hailie and saying that Shady hides behind security and Dre beats. Claiming that the new album simply came because he’s “sober and bored,” MGK tells Em to man up and handle his shit, insisting he get over comments that were made six years ago.


Of course, Kelly also attacks the artist’s catalog of late, saying the last few albums the Detroit legend has released have left him unimpressed. Do you think others should follow suit to respond to the rapper on record?

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